Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Fog

Today was sunny and near 80, but this evening was a little strange. Driving on Tarpon Bay Rd, going toward West Gulf Drive around 5:00 this evening, you could see something coming over the top of the trees from the direction of the Gulf. From a distance it looked like smoke, but after getting closer, I could tell it was fog coming in. Getting out of the car at Pointe Santo, you could feel the moisture in the air. As you walked out toward the beach, you could hardly see the people walking or standing by the water until you actually got on the beach. I have never seen it look just like this before. It sure gave you an eerie feeling. Tonight the humidity is 96%.

Just a little note for those of you who understand: I noticed something a little strange while driving on CasaYbel Road. Yes, the Island Beach Club has been coned. :-)

If anyone is desperate for a week on Sanibel, my friend had a last minute cancellation on a nice Pointe Santo condo for next week, 2/14/ - 2/21 and another one for the following 4 weeks. Come on down! :-) You can see the link to her website on my sidebar. Stevenson's Sanibel Condos


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

What does that mean that they got "coned"??? I'm not one of the ones that understands...but I'd like to know!

Snowbird said...

LBSC, being coned in Florida is not usually a good thing. When a hurricane has formed, the weathermen put up a "Cone of Uncertainty" Anyone within that cone could be hit by the hurricane. Those of us who live in Florida hate it when we are coned!!!

Tootie, when I left for CROW this am, I could hardly see the hood of my car. By the time I got to Jerry's the sun was out. Weird!

Gayle said...

Getting coned is definitely not a good thing. I hope you are all going to be safe! Oh, and how I would love to help your friend out and use that condo! :)

Mediterranean kiwi said...

i'd say i'm desparate, but it is quite far away for me - but i would love to visit this place on day