Friday, February 20, 2009

Chilly Friday

The temperature today didn't get over 65 degrees. The sun was shining brightly, making it appear to be warmer. But with the 7 mph NNW wind and gusts up to 16mph it was pretty chilly.

I wanted to go to the beach to check for shells, but kept putting it off until mid-afternoon. I went with jeans and a sweatshirt on. I really don't handle the temps below 70 very well since I have gotten used to the warmer weather here on the island.

The first thing I noticed when walking out from access 5, was how the rough surf had eaten into the beach leaving an 8 or 10 inch drop off. In other areas there were large, smooth curves in the beach. The water was brown with all the sand it was stirring up. Hopefully the shells will roll in shortly. I always find it amazing how different it looks from one day to the next.

There were some shells left where the high tide had reached. I picked up a couple of jingles and little orange scallops, but nothing else tempted me. I had fun watching a sea gull as it was a willing participant in my video. :-)

This video can be watched in HD on YouTube.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Pretty rough for the gulf, huh???? Back in the 70's I lived in Venice for about 4 yrs. That was BEFORE the interstate was there... I loved the west coast of Florida...

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

It's funny, but we have acclimated to the Arizona heat after 10 years and now we, too, are chilly at anything much below 70!! But I love this time of year when I can put on my sweatshirts and socks and feel toasty! Rather than feeling toasty because it's 100+ degrees outside!!

Tink *~*~* said...

chilly here on the mainland today too - actually wore a sweatshirt to go out on my mid-day walk!

I had the most horrible thought. What if we used up our good shelling karma (for a while, anyway) on Ivan and Gustav? *LE GASP* =8^0

Tink *~*~*

Maria said...

cool videos
the wind off the water can be very cool, inlanders head here as soon as it gets the least bit warm not realizing the water is still cold & that greatly determines our temp.
I'm just north of Topsail, I saw the turtle story on your other site, hadn't heard of Lefty

Mediterranean kiwi said...

it looks like your weatehr is much warmer than ours at the moment, which is a little too cold for comfort