Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shopping Saturday

Made a drive overseas today for some shopping. Wow, was it crowded! Driving on 41, The Tamiami Trail is always a nightmare during the snowbird season here. Much of the time, you have to wait through two changes of the traffic lights to get through the intersections. The rest of the year you can usually travel that road easily. (For those interested in the plans to restore waterflow to the Everglades that was restricted since building the Tamiami Trail. I find this whole story interesting. Just another example of how we mess things up and then have to pay to restore it.)

I made a quick dash into the Publix store to get a few grocery items. Well, it was intended to be a quick dash, but the store was packed! I mean it was full to running over. It took a long time to get through the isles and then even longer to check out. Whew!! I was happy to be out of there and on the way back across the causeway.

There were windsurfers, kitesurfers and fishermen all around the two islands. Just at the end of the second island I noticed a whole row of fishing boats, like 10 or more lined up waiting on the northside. There must be a fishing tournament or something like that going on.

The weather here today, was pretty nice, considering the cooler weather we've been having. It was sunny and actually got up to 68 this afternoon. I figure any day that I can go out with even a long sleeve t-shirt on, is a good day!

The day was even better once I got back to Sanibel. :-)

Just in case you are wondering: I talked to friends that went out to Blind Pass today. They checked out the beach on both sides and around the drainage pipes. They found a few shells, but nothing spectacular.


George said...

When I lived near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we had a 'snow bird season' as well. After they left we had a few (very few) weeks of relative calm before the summer season started.

MariBy said...

I love these sorts of 'ordinary day' posts!

ღ Alice ღ said...

Thanks Tootie,I am always curious about the shelling at Blind Pass.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Thanks for your visit. Our son lives in Fl, has for about 30 years now, and loves it, even with the hurricanes and all. I guess we have those darn tornadoes around here.