Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sanibel Thriller

Some of you asked about prices for the Sanibel Thriller Tour. Below, is an email from Elizabeth Ireland:


The blog about the Sanibel Thriller is great!! Thanks so much.

Our current tour is a 1-1/2 hour narrated tour that circumnavigates both the islands of Sanibel & Captiva & Dolphin Watch. We provide a historical narration of the islands and the surrounding area, while the Captains looks for pods of dolphin. Once we find them, we slow the boat down and let the dolphin entertain us.

It is $38/adult (plus tax) and $25/child (3-12) (plus tax). If you would like to join us, please call for reservations.

We hope you are able to visit us.

Elizabeth Ireland

Sanibel Thriller

(239) 472-2328


ღ Alice ღ said...

The prices are great :):) Thanks for posting her email. I would love to go on it but I get seasick bad. Wonder how to avoid that cause it looks like so much fun!!

George said...

Thanks for the additional information!

Tootie said...

I haven't tried it myself; but I have heard others say that they use Ginger pills from health food store and they work.

Just looking at the way that boat is made, and the size of it, I wouldn't think it would ride too bad.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Thanks for the information, Tootie!! I just booked our return trip to the island for October. Same lodging. YEA!!! Now I can anticipate the trip until then:) Already I can't wait!

busybee2 said...

Alice: have you tried dramamine tablets? My mom gets sick on boats and that works very well for her.

Tootie said...

The problem I have with dramamine is that it makes me really sleepy. It also does that to my daughters. But, I know others that use it and say it's great.

ღ Alice ღ said...

Thanks Tootie & busybee2, I have never tried anything after that last boat ride 20 years will look into the Ginger pills online tonight & the Dramamine I wouldn’t want to take in case it made me sleepy, I have a low tolerance and if it makes one person sleepy then it would knock me out.

Tootie said...

You might want to test a dramamine before vacation time. :-)

All kinds of meds affect me more than most people I know.

Cimba7200 said...

Your sunset photos were spectacular when enlarged. Especially the one from the beach before the sun set. I also enjoyed the dolphins video in your previous blog. - Dave

The Bumbles said...

Alice - I get seasick as well - yet somehow my hubby keeps putting me on boats every time we take a trip. I have used half a Dramamine and I have also used those drops that you place behind your ear - both have worked wonders.

Toot - thanks for stopping by our blog. I will be posting another yummy recipe hubby tried out last night - a mexican stew thingy that was awesome.

Your blog makes me long for Spring Training. We visited Sanibel several years ago and enjoyed our time shelling, going out to eat on Captiva and visiting Ding Darling, along with a SOX victory.

ღ Alice ღ said...

Yeah ,I could try a 1/2 dramamine. I do have a something for nausea in general, I wonder if that would help with the seasickness. I will try it this weekend, my sis & I will be there in 10 days.
I will also check into the drops The Bumbles :)