Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sanibel Crawlers Sunday

I didn't make it up to check out the low tide this morning because I got sick yesterday afternoon. I did some cleaning in the garage, using bleach and soap on the floor. I think that it was caused from breathing the fumes. I was sick the rest of the night and didn't feel too good today. I made myself get up and go out by mid-afternoon, because lots of internet friends I've known for over 4 years, have come to Sanibel and we had planned to get together for some island bar hopping. The visiting folks are from Tampa Florida, New Hampshire, West Virginia & Indiana. Most of them were very happy to escape from the snowy weather up north.

Twelve of us met at Biddle's Bucket for lunch at 1:30. We had a great time and got caught up on all the latest news. From there we moved on to Casa Ybel pool bar where Danny Morgan was entertaining. It was so crowded that there wasn't a table available, so after giving him a wave, we went on to West Wind Inn Pool Bar. Three more friends joined us there. Next stop was McT's Shrimp House Tavern. A few beers, some wine, margaritas and yellow birds were consumed here before we parted ways. A fun time was had by all. Four people will have to leave tomorrow to go back to cold weather. Four will still be staying this week.

Two couples that are regulars, are away for a few days or there would have been 16 here. We missed you, but honored you with a toast!

I hope I feel like checking out the beach tomorrow. The tides are still predicted to be pretty low through this Thursday. Have a great week!

Server who filled in as photographer with everyone's camera. She left one person out of this one. :-) He's probably happy about that.

Chris gives the fried pickles a thumbs down, but Jon thought they were great! Chris says, "Ya gotta' be a red neck".

Try as she might, Ms Tink couldn't get everyone gathered in the gazebo at Casa Ybel for a photo op.

It was still around 75 degrees when we got to an outdoor bar. The out-if-state people loved it!

Some of us were trying to catch the end of a football game; Eagles & Giants.

Wonder why she always has to go to a window to do her mobile blogging....

Lots of laughter was had by all!

A short message for Hermie the crab: Hermie, I can't tell you how sorry I am that you were attacked by Lexie the parrot while you were here. But, I'm glad you were up to spending some time with us today, and that you felt like tipping back a few beers. :-)Have a wonderful time tomorrow and a safe trip back home! Don't worry about that little shrimp that dumped you, there will be another one crawling by anytime now.

You might be interested to take a look at Chris and Tink's blogs. I think they are sharing photos of the weekend there too.


George said...

Tootie, I'm sorry you got sick, but it sounds as if you recovered in time to have a great afternoon with your friends.

Snowbird said...

Sorry we missed the Crawl today. It sounds like you had a ball. Sorry you weren't feeling in top form.

Mare said...

Tootie, I've felt the same way after breathing in those fumes. I think the key may be good ventilation, but I know in certain rooms it's not always easy. Now, I just try to keep the fan going-LOL!

Glad you were feeling up to meeting everyone...looked like a fun time!