Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Goodbyes

It was a little on the chilly side here this morning. But by early afternoon it seemed pretty nice out, at least in the sun. In shade the breeze was still a little cool. Now at 4:00 PM it has dropped to 66. I think it is supposed to be back to normal temps again this weekend.

The last of our visiting friends will be leaving in the morning. She picked me up this afternoon to take a ride around the island. There was something she had seen earlier in the week, that she said I just had to see. A huge sea turtle in someones front yard. I'll have to admit that even after she had told me about it, I was still surprised at the size of it. Now I have to share it with you! :-)

Next she took me over to see the condo they stayed in this week at Sanibel Arms on East Gulf Drive. She has stayed at this place several times because they would rent for any amount of nights of three or more and it seems she has very good luck at getting the lowest rate they offer, by waiting until just before she comes and taking one that is not directly beach front.

The condo she had this time was across the street from the beach, and on a canal. It was nice sitting beside the canal because they had a nice picnic table, lounge chair and a BBQ grill there.

Her condo was a 1 BR, 1 Bath on the ground level, with no ocean view. The decor was nice and it was exceptionally clean. To get to the office, laundry, pool, and the beach, you had to walk across East Gulf Drive and through the Sanibel Arms parking area, which only took a couple of minutes. There were lots of people on the beach. The water was a very pretty turqoise color today, which means there were no shells, at least in this area. Generally speaking, when there are waves to bring the shells in, it stirs the sand up in the shallow water too.

This whole property seems to be well maintained and the landscaping is very nice. There's lots of bougainvilleas blooming there, as there is all over the island now.

As we were going back across the street.

Last stop was at the DQ on Periwinkle Way, for a drink. While we sat at an outdoor table, four different groups of people, with cameras in hand, came to us and said that they had heard there was an eagle nest in one of the pine trees here, and asked if we knew where it was. I told them that I had never been able to see the one there either. They all looked and looked, but never could spot it. There was an eagle soaring overhead, as they hunted. I just thought it was interesting how many people actually stopped to look, just while I was there.

It is sad to say goodbye to the last of my vacationing friends, especially knowing they all had to go back to cold weather. :-( Just while I was posting this, the temperature here has gone up to 68. I hope that means the cold front is gone.


ChrisC and JonJ said...

Ummm-I think it's s'posed to get cold again tonite,and be cool all week.At least,for us "Northerners" it is.
What'd ya get at DQ?I've never been able to see those eagles, either.

ღ Alice ღ said...

I like the sea turtle in the yard,it looks perfect & the house is lovely.

Gayle said...

The turtle is awesome. It looks new. Do you suppose they are going to plant the different sections with flowers? Oh, I so have to do something like that this summer. Off to the drawing boards! :) (Florida has such beautiful white sand. I love it!).

Jeanne said...

Great bloggin on Sanibel Arms.....your gettin to be a pro!

That is one big turtle!!!

Snowbird said...

The DQ Eagle's nest blew down in a windstorm last spring. It is hoped that they will rebuild but who knows.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Good-byes are always hard. I hate to say good-bye!

Love the gynormous turtle. I'm with you think they are going to plant flowers in the shell sections?

We are looking at October for our next visit. I'm SOOOOOO excited!! It's a long time to anticipate the trip!!

Tootie said...

Funny, that's the first thing I wondered too; if they will plant flowers on the turtle shell. :-)

Scrap Cat, I always thought the anticipation was a major part of the enjoyment of the trip.

There was an eagle flying over the preserved land behind the DQ and I see them fly over the Dunes and sit in the tall trees there too. I think they must have made a nest somewhere in that area.

George said...

There has to be a story behind that gigantic turtle -- it would be nice to know what it is. Thanks for taking us along on your ride around the island.