Sunday, December 14, 2008

Warm and Sunny Sunday

A regular Sunday Sanibel Bar Crawlers meeting was held with eight members in attendance. It began with lunch at Biddle's Bucket. Those who had not yet met Sandpail Gail, an internet friend of 4 years, were able to do that today. It has been wonderful to see her in person and get better acquainted. After lunch and a long visit, Gail had to leave us.

The rest of us moved on to the West Wind Inn, where we met up with 2 more crawler friends. It was really nice sitting out in the sun at the pool bar. The clouds were beautiful. It was somewhere in the upper 70's today and a nice change from the last couple of chilly nights. Five of us were surprised with a gift, from a Blogger friend who lives in Alaska. She sent the cutest shot glasses, so we made a toast to her and send out a photo to thank her. Thanks Gayle! :-)

Six of us have bracelets that we wear in support of my daughter, Becky. So, that picture is sent to her. Everyone sends their love and says hello!

It was a beautiful day here and it was nice spending time with special people, once again. AND, we had wood chips left over from Biddles, in savings for the next crawl. :-) (At Biddle's, they have all day Happy Hour on Sunday, which offers 2 for 1 specials. They serve one drink and give you a wood chip to use for the second one. You can even bring them back to use at a later time.)

THANK YOU Gayle! :-)

This one is for Becky.

For more photos from today, visit:
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Emily said...

Thanks for the comment on my pictures. Just curious, how did you find my blog?
I'm glad you did! I can't wait to read up on yours and learn more about Sanibel.

Do you live there or visit often? If you live you need a nice family of 4 to keep you company? I can cook and clean :)

Can I add you to my blog list on my page?

lisaschaos said...

I bet Becky feels all the love and support. :) You look like a fun group and that looks like a fun place!

Emily said...

Thanks for getting back with me.
We always stay at Sandalfoot. Usually we go in August, but this year we went over Thanksgiving.
My inlaws are there at least 4 times a year..sometimes more. I always try to fit in their suitcase, but they find me :).

I will add you to my list of blogs that I read. Keep in touch!

Jeanne said...

Awe...what a great day!!!!

Gayle said...

Go Becky!! :) I hope she is feeling up to the holidays. The Crawlers are awesome for showing their support! Cheers back at you all! Looks like you had a wonderful day for crawling. Paradise is beautiful!