Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Tater

I know you've heard of a 'Couch Potato'. I've been a 'Computer Tater' all day. Busied myself doing some online Christmas gifting. :-)

I talked to family in Indiana today. They told me it was freezing rain and sleeting in one place and snowing in another. Yes......I told them it was 81 here; devil made me do it. Insert a 'head hanging' smiley here.

Tonight was another Kiwanis club Diner's Delight, coupon night. For a $30 donation you get a book of coupons to use at participating restaurants at Sanibel and Captiva. Most of them are valid from April 22 to December 20, so time is running out and there are a few left. Met friends at Jerry's for dinner and we all liked what we had. I had beer battered shrimp, the others had BQ Ribs, Pot Roast and Clams. One more coupon, happily used.

Here are more pictures of Jerry's Christmas lights, that I promised. There is still much more, that I didn't get in these.


Snowbird said...

OK, so did Cheryl have the ribs like I recommended??

gpc said...

Man, I miss Jerry's already. I came home to several inches of snow and am not sure I'll be able to dig out in time to get to work . . . darn.

Jacque said...

I would just like to add that it is 11 here today. That is the actual temp, not the wind chill. The wind chill is well below o. Yes, we will be more than happy to be there next week. I'm praying for warm weather!