Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thunder and Rain Thursday

It thundered and rained and rained this morning. By late afternoon the sun was peeking out again. It stayed warm all day and it's still around 70 degrees. But the bad news is, the chilly temperatures early in the morning for the next few days. This evening the sky was just beautiful with lots of pink color as the sun was setting.

OK shellers, get ready for low tides! had better put a jacket on too! :-)

Friday at 6:51 a -1.2
Saturday at 7:43 a -1.2
Sunday at at 8:35 a -1.1

I'm not sure how many of those I will check out, but hopefully at least one!


carlene federer said...

Hi Tootie!
Thanx for coming by to visit my blog!
WOW! Your blog is SOOO filled with gorgeous photos! I LOOOOOVE the ocean and beach so much and always wish I could live there...reading your posts make me feel like I actually do!

troutbirder said...

Hi Tootie,
Thanks for stopping by my little blog. I've certainly enjoyed seeing your beautiful beaches and especially your camera critters. As I look out my window at a foot of snow to be shoveled from my driving this morning I cant help but envy your barefoot and lazy tropical island.

Mandy said...

What very beautiful clouds.

ღ Alice ღ said...

Can't wait to see what you find :)

Gayle said...

Good luck with the low tides. Looking forward to pictures of your treasures!