Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Movers

This afternoon the friends who moved here from Missouri, were moving into a duplex that they have rented. After helping transfer cartons to the duplex, I took her shopping list to Target and spent quite some time finding everything. I made a stop at Publix to pick up a couple of things I needed there and rushed back to the island. We took time out to eat dinner at the Lazy Flamingo, made a stop at Bailey's Hardware (where they had 50% off their Christmas items, which will explain the photos)and then back to the duplex to do some more.

I think by that time, we were so tired that we went a little nuts! But, we had a few laughs with the funny hats; a snowman and a santa. :-)


Snowbird said...

Love the hats. Uh sure!! Glad they got moved in ok. When's the Crawler's House Warming Party? LOL.

George said...

It's good you could still have fun after a hard day's work!

Emily said...

Are they from the STL area? We live 20 east of St.Louis. Small world if they do! :)

Have a Merry (warm) Christmas!

MariBy said...

I just want to know one thing.

Is the wearing of the hats connected to the consumption of adult beverages at the Lazy Flamingo?