Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dinner At Matzaluna

First, I want to mention something that I forgot to include in last nights post. We had a wonderful start to the evening, by seeing a Bobcat run across Periwinkle right in front of us, near Periwinkle Place. This was the first time my friends had seen one since they moved here. :-)It isn't everywhere that those types of animals are comfortable enough to roam about freely.

Today on Sanibel was a sunny, warm one again. It didn't cool down as much this evening, as it had been.

This evening was spent having dinner with friends at Matzaluna, The Italian Kitchen. There were six of us, and each ordered a different entree. I had the Four Cheese Chicken - grilled chicken breast baked with four cheeses & sauce pomodoro, served with penne pasta. I thought it was excellent! Everyone else was very happy with their choices too. Our service was excellent, as well. The prices ranged from $14 to $17 for the entrees we had, plus our drink. Not unreasonable prices for the island.

We all had a nice, relaxing time and I enjoyed meeting a new friend and getting better acquainted with another. It was also fun being with 'Old Friends', and I don't mean that in a bad way. :-)

The decorations were quite festive!


Snowbird said...

My mouth is watering!! We hadn't eaten at Matzaluna in years but tried them this fall and really like them. And, yes, the prices are good.

Wow, on the bobcat. I have only seen one in the 15 years we have been here and he walked right by my window while I was working on the computer. Pretty amazing sight.

Kelli said...

I stumbled across your blog and just love it! My family is going to be staying at the Casa Ybel next week and I cannot wait! Any ideas or suggestions as what is a must do when we are there? This will be our first time there.

Kelli said...

I stumbled across your blog and just love it! We are going on vacation to Sanibel next week and we can't wait! Any suggestions on what we should do or where to go? It will be our first time there. :)

Tootie said...

Kelli, I posted a comment on your blog for you.

gpc said...

Amazing about the bobcat! How cool, I would love to see one (would also love to see the unwelcome iguanas and monitor . . .)

Only ate at Mazaluna once, kind of, with a carry out years ago -- a huge amount of food, and I thought it was good!

BTW, I'm on the island and so far have had nachos and salad (and beer) at Doc Ford's, prime rib (and wine) at Jerry's, and carry out Jerry's fried chicken (with beer -- do you see a trend here?). Have not gotten to the beach or shopping, but did a Ding Darling drive this afternoon. lol. my comments on YOUR blog are longer than my entries on MH blog!