Friday, December 12, 2008

Big Wave Friday

This morning I called one of my Blogger friends that is here for 10 days. I asked if she had been on the beach yet today, and she had been on Lighthouse Beach. There were a lot of shells there, but not a lot that she wanted. I asked if she would like to go with me to the West Gulf Beach. She did!

By 8:30 we were walking out onto the beach at Access 7. The waves were really big, I'm guessing around 5', maybe 6. The water was really brown with sand, so we already knew that sand was coming in and covering many of the shells.

It was very windy, but it wasn't really that cold. I had on a T shirt, sweatshirt and capris, and was comfortable. The waves were coming up and over our feet much of the time and the water didn't feel cold.

We walked west for quite a while, then it seemed like there were less shells. We turned and went back east, walking quite a way past access 1, then turned and went back to access 7 again.

There were lots and lots of jingles and we picked up lots of those. The beach was littered with duck clams, dosinia, quahog, prickly pear and van hyning's cockles,calico clams, mussels, arks and slipper shells. We did find aome shells other than those, that we picked up to keep. Some I remember were, 1 pink tellin, 1 speckled tellin, 1 worm shell, 1 chestnut turban, 1 modulus, 1 juvenile horse conch, a few apple murex, 1 angel wing, 5 fighting conchs, several buttercups, several scallops, several Morton's Egg shells, a couple of welks, 2 small turkey wings, one Natica, 1 large bubble shell, several white and yellow tellins, lots of carditas, a few clam shells, several augers, ceriths, 1 sanddollar, buttercups and kitten paws. I think that was about it. OH, I forgot to mention that she found a perfect Baby's Ear. I think I've only found one of those around 6 years ago. I just don't have an eye for those. I'm going to look harder next time. :-) I'm sure we picked up others that I forgot to mention.

It was fun searching and we only got wet a few times, because we tried to dip some shells between waves. That wasn't an easy task today. We also had to opportunity to visit and get acquainted, because this is the first time the two of us had met, in person.

This photo's for you Tink!

Baby's Ear

Juvenile Horse Conch that needs a little bleach soak and barnacles removed.

This is what I brought home.

You may have to turn your sound down because of wind noise.


ღ Alice ღ said...

Oh my,I am so happy for you,I just showed my hubby your page and he is so excited to go down again next month at low tide. I've got him hooked :) I love looking at your findings,I so hope I have luck like you.

Snowbird said...

Like I told Gail on her blog. Nice haul!!

gpc said...

Good grief -- I should have asked for editorial privilege on that photo! My Miss America hopes will be damaged by that picture!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Looks like a pretty nice cache of shells today. They are all pretty and quite a variety. Plus you got to meet another blogger friend! How nice it that??!!

Tootie said...

gpc, photo doesn't hurt your chances at Miss America, your hair has blown across your face to hide you. :-) Sure had fun today. Talked to Cheryl and she did better than us, I think. I'll have her show you what she found near the Holiday Inn when we next see you.

Scrap Cat, meeting Bloggers is always fun. :-)

Alice, I'm sure there will be plenty left for you and Hubby next month. :-)

Tink *~*~* said...

That is a freakin' HUGE operculum!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

this post was one of my favorites on your blog - beautiful shells, wonderful walk

Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Tootie,
This paradise, Sanibel Islanad is very beautiful. Looks like the desiresable place to stay.
thanks for droping on my space.
Best wishes from Natal, Brazil:

Gayle said...

Tootie, I think the ocean is going shell-less over you! :) Beautiful assortment.