Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sunny Saturday

Thank goodness it was sunny today, which made it feel warm even though it was only around 70. Drove over to Pointe Santo and the beach conditions were about same as yesterday.

Went to pick up a few groceries at Jerry's to find it was nearly Christmas there. The lights were going up as I walked in to the store. Snapped a couple of pictures to post. The last one is my favorite! :-)

The wind is cooling things off here again tonight; 59 degrees at 10 PM.


Gayle said...

My husband and I just had a chuckle over your weather. I realize you are used to the heat so 70 may seem mild, but it has been around 20 below all week and I'm telling you, that really bites your face and lungs. Your 70 sounds dreamy. I still find it amazing to think we have a 90 degree difference in our weather!

Snowbird said...

Hey, I hear we have yet another "cold front" coming in. Isn't that about the 10th one in a week???

Anyway, I saw the decorations going up at the Lazy Flamingo too. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I can hardly wait for luminary night.

Mare said...

The Santa in the palm trees just made me giggle! I guess it makes more sense to have something like that in your yard in Florida than Santa surrounded by snow-LOL!

The Farmer Files said...

I want santa in the palm trees!!!