Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Looking More Like Christmas, Wednesday!

Today was another beautiful one. Same sunshine and warm temperatures as yesterday. The sky was clear and blue today. The streets were crowded with traffic, as I suppose there are many visitors here for Thanksgiving.

This evening it started cooling down again. The restaurant parking areas all seemed to be nearly full, so I would say they are doing well. I know they can use the much needed business. Driving in to park at The Sanibel Grill, I was surprised to see their Christmas deco going up. It does look quite cheery though. :-) Several other places on Periwinkle had turned on their Christmas lights this evening too. I'll try to take a few pictures to post another day. Brrr, the temp here now at 8:30 PM is 58 degrees.


Gayle said...

Tootie...I believe there is a law against using "brrrr" and "58 degrees" in the same sentence! :)

Melli said...

Ohhhhh BRRRR you! The temp HERE at 8:30 last night was 31 degrees! BRRRR! LOL! Christmas lights and palm trees is a look it really takes some adjusting to get used to! I know the Baby was born in the dessert by the sea... but I still have a hard time "feeling" it! :o)