Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hair color Sunday

This day started out with Tink driving over to spend the afternoon here at Sanibel. She came here so I could do her hair color and then we called our friends, "The Snowbirds" to see if they wanted to do a mid-afternoon lunch and what we refer to as a 'bar crawl'. If you remember, we started out saying it was bar hopping, but since discovered that we all move a little slow for that, and then changed it to a 'Bar Crawl'.
The Snowbirds were up for it and asked where to meet us. We all met at the Sanibel Grill around 2:30. There was a big crowd there watching football games, and I have to say they were really loud with the cheering! We had lunch and watched the last part of the Patriots game. From there we moved on over to McT's. There was also a pretty full bar room there. We talked a lot and also sent text messages to friends to pester them a little. Also sent texts back and forth with Daughter and SIL, who wished they were still here. We also sent pictures to them; one in particular was to show Becky that we are all still wearing our support bracelets. We had nice afternoon!

Tink is busy mobile blogging.

Yep, hair looks good!


I think this orange drink was the hit of the afternoon, and may become the official drink of the female bar crawlers.


Melli said...

You guys have sO much fun! Tink's hair looks almost my natural color -- at least in that picture and on MY screen! Is it red?

Now what was THAT drink? I want one!

Snowbird said...

Yup, those orange drinks are yummy. Hey, we had fun and look forward to our next crawl.

Mare said...

Nice hair, Tink! =)

And nice job, Tootie. I hope Tink bought you one of those yummy looking orange drinks in thanks-LOL!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Hey, Tootie!! You've won an award! Check out my blog!!

Tootie said...

I forgot to put the name in my post Melli; those drinks were called 'Yellow Bird'. :-)