Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Photos

I went overseas today for some grocery shopping. As I went over the causeway, I noticed the water was very calm. There were a couple of windsurfers and their sails didn't have much wind in them and they almost looked like they were standing still. I don't know how they were staying upright. There were a good number of folks out fishing today, from the causeway islands. And I have to add that there was a huge number of snowbirds grocery shopping and the traffic has really picked up on the island.

Here are more photos that I promised, of the Christmas decorations at Tween Waters on Captiva. This evening they had the lighting ceremony complete with fireworks. The weather is perfect for that. I will put some photos online soon when I can take some at night.

This one is for you Gayle! :-) Your Santa in a palm tree.


ChrisC and JonJ said...

I really like the way 'Tweenies does it up.It's sooo Christmasy.

Gayle said...

Nice tree Santa chose! You've inspired me to head out to the North Pole and take some photos for you all! :)

Jacque said...

Hi toot...

We're heading to Sanibel between Christmas and New Years with our 3 teenagers and my mother in law...might you recommend a new years eve activity? I was wondering if there's a festival or a city area that the locals frequent on new years eve...thanks!

june said...

We were at Tweenies for Thanksgiving too. Also set in the room with the ice sculpture. I'm not sure I would recognize you from your picture.

I think their Santa in the palm tree has to be the best decoration ever.

Tootie said...

Chris, I think it's really pretty too. I've always been partial to all green lights on most things, like they have.

Gayle, I would love seeing your North Pole pictures.

June,What time were you there? I hope you enjoyed your dinner as much as we did.

Jacque, I'm not sure yet who is doing what for New Year's Eve on Sanibel. I do know that there will be a party at the Crow's Nest at Tween Waters, on Captiva. They always have a very good band that plays a large variety of music. There is a dance floor there and a full bar. There is a cover charge for that party. They provide hats, other party favors and a champagne toast at mid-night.I believe they also have a nice dinner menu at the Old Captiva House. For the party there, you have to be over 21. I'll check on a couple other places that could have something special planned. If you want to send your email address I'll let you know.