Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday Waves

Stopped at Beach Access 4 this evening. The sun was already down pretty low; this was the first view of the water and sunset.

There didn't seem to be air moving anywhere else, but as I walked across the sand, I was met by a cooling wind coming over the water. Thank goodness, because the noseeums were horrid everywhere except where the wind was blowing. There were pretty good size waves that were bringing shells up and leaving them on the beach.

There were lots of people out on the beach watching the sunset, and I'm sure they weren't disappointed, because it was very pretty!

My thrill this evening was finding one tiny orange horse conch, as a wave left it right at my feet. I love these little shells!

The western sky was very dark colors and as you looked around toward the east, the sky was lighter blue and bright pink.

As I walked away from the beach, I had to take one more look.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sunset!! I also like those tiny shells. With the sounds of the ocean waves coming in and your pictures of the beach, I want to just reach down and start moving those shells looking for the right one!! Your blogs are my daily stress reliever!

Melli said...

That little teeny conch IS a treasure! How sweet! My favorite photo tonight is that last one before the films... with the random clump of grass ... I LOVE it!


the sunset at the end of the post caught me by surprise - lovely calming videos, too

Snowbird said...

As always, beautiful pictures. The Mac and Cheese shells are my favorites too. I always feel that I've had a successful shelling day when I can find at least one.

The Farmer Files said...

Your sunsets are gorgeous!!! I had to stop by....yesterday I was at the dr.'s office and I picked up a copy of travel and leisure magazine. I read that Sanibel is the #2 place for shelling in the country. Thought of you!!! Much aloha!

Gombojav Tribe said...


Thank you for stopping by the Gomboblog!

Happy eating! (Those beach pictures are so inspirational, I want to go plan a complete picnic menu for a romantic supper right there!)

Mare said...

We haven't been to the beach in so long, but your posts sure help. =)

Especially this one.