Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Warming Wednesday

After a night in the 50's, the bright sunshine felt pretty good today, as it warmed us back up again. By evening it was cooling down, making it necessary to put on a sweatshirt before driving overseas to do some grocery shopping.

On the way over the causeway, it was really noticeable how calm and smooth the water looked on the south side. Going over the first island, I saw that the water was choppy, I suppose because of a NNW wind. It seemed a little unusual, as the waves are usually on the south side of the causeway islands.

Pulled over on Spoil Island A, as there were no people around. I wanted to check for mini shells. At first I thought there weren't any. But, after getting down on my knees and taking a closer look, I started finding them in a higher tide line. I found the most tiny Key Hole Limpets I've ever seen. They are so cute! I was really glad that I took time to stop; even though I had to go shopping with dirty knees now. :-) I suppose that's why so many of the women here, have messed up hair too. I call it beach hair, and I had it! I can tell you that they didn't turn the money down at Publix because of it.

Before going back to the island, there had to be one more stop to satisfy the fast food craving. You can see where that was. (That picture is for you Tink.)


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

You found a bunch of teeny, tiny shells! I'm glad you stopped, too! I always am amazed when I find those little itty bitty ones.

Definitely NOT cooling down here too much! Nights are cooler, but still high 80's during the day.

madretz said...

Been enjoying your photos on your blog. I've never seen so many shells in one place. And I didn't think teeny tiny shells like that even existed.

Snowbird said...

Guess I will have to try shelling on the causeway. I love the little ones.

Loved the thumbs up picture too. I think I've seen a few of those elsewhere. LOL.