Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Precipitation

I was thinking about going to the beach for a while, but when I looked out, this is what I saw. Big raindrops were coming down and the sun was shining as I took these pictures. So, beach was out and laundry was in since it rained off and on. :-)

Around 4:30 there were still clouds lurking around, sun was still shining, but no rain. Went to beach access 2.

When walking out onto the beach, there were clouds in both directions. There was cool wind blowing and the water was calm.

The clouds appeared to be moving toward each other. That is something strange here, that I had never noticed anywhere else I have lived. It seems like the clouds are moving in different directions a lot of the time. This evening the clouds from each direction seemed to be coming together. As they got closer together, it began sprinkling rain, so it was time to hurry away!

These Ibis were feeding on the shore. The darker colored birds are immature White Ibis. They will stay dark colored for about 2 years.

There is a rainbow in this photo. It was much more colorful in person.

As I was starting up the path to leave, I met a couple coming out onto the beach. I said hello and we started talking about how beautiful the clouds were. Then the man asked if I would mind to come back out on the beach to take their picture. I said, of course I wouldn't mind. After taking three photos of them, he told me that they had been married in that same spot on this beach 20 years ago and that is why they wanted a picture. :-) Made a nice ending to an evening at the beach.

There was still a view of the rainbow from the street.

Here are the few shells that I picked up in the short time I was there.


Snowbird said...

Man, Access 2 has a long walk to the beach. LOL. I couldn't believe it when it was absolutely pouring here and the sun was shining. Wierd!


another great autumn day at sanibel island...


i think i like your blog very much because the photos make me feel as though I have experienced what the day was like for you on the island, and the shells you are surrounded by are of course very intriguing.
this is armchair travel at its best.
the weather also plays a big role in people's happiness, even on a Mediterranean island which usually has sunny warm weather - i can some similarities in sanibel island too

antigoni said...

One of these days, i'll show you my shell's collection. Great photos as always.

The Tile Lady said...

Absolutely gorgeous sky photos! The rainclouds are so dramatic! Just wonderful pics! How beautiful nature is!

Mare said...

I loved those dark cloud/rain photos. How amazing that sky was!

And how sweet of you to go back and take some photos of the couple. What a wonderful story. =)