Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sprinkles Only Sunday

Got a phone call from friends around 2:30 PM, saying they were at the West Wind Inn Pool. We arrived there around 3:30. Very soon after, clouds started coming from the east. I thought it was going to be a replay of yesterday, but all it brought were a very few sprinkles.

We had an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon, ate two pizzas; life is good. We checked out the shell situation on the beach and didn't see much of intrest.

The clouds were beautiful once again, and we stayed dry! :-)


antigoni said...

Wonderful afternoon.


more beautiful shells!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ms Tootie, thank you for the pics of West Wind Inn. That is where we stay when my sister & I come to the Island. We love it there and find enough shells to satisfy us...usually end of June or first part of July. The clouds were beautiful as was the beach. Just makes me want to be there!!

The Farmer Files said...

Love your shell photos. They are always so inspiring and nostalgic for me...reminding me of growing up in San Diego.