Friday, October 10, 2008

Sorry my post is so late, but the power went out here tonight; someone must have sneezed. :-)

It was a beautiful day here. It was 76 degrees just around mid-day and then quickly became 89. Went to beach access 5, late afternoon. Getting out of the car, I was looking at the nice landscaping right in front of the parking area and also all along the walkway on the left side; it looks very pretty and really neat. I wonder if the property owner that adjoins the walkway has done that. I’m guessing they did and I wish they new how much everyone enjoys it. I know I do. That’s quite amazing really, because it couldn’t be very pleasant to have folks walking by the side of your home all the time. I’m sure some people and excited children talk too loudly sometimes. I think we should certainly be considerate and try not to disturb their peace and quiet.

Nearly at the end of the walkway, where you go out onto the sand, someone had dumped their rejected shells in a pile at the side of the path. Funny how shells look so good to you, until you find ones that look even better.

There was a pretty big pile of shells quite a way up from the water. It looked like it had been there for a few days, because you could see where people had been digging through it. There were also a few shells along the tide lines and a few coming in with the waves, leaving them scattered in the sand.

With the cool breeze from over the water, it felt pretty good as I walked along in the water. There were quite a few people out on the beach. It looked like a wedding was taking place close to the water, around access 7. I didn’t go closer because I didn’t want to interfere with their privacy.
There were some people fishing from the beach, some shelling and one lady had her chair sitting in the water. Birds were walking very near her. It’s amazing how brave the birds are. If you don’t make any fast moves, they stay pretty close to you. If you are walking, they won’t fly away until you get right next to them. It’s really fun watching them and I find myself going a way out around them so they don’t have to fly away.

I only picked up 4 or 5 little shells, but I think by walking further out into the water and spending more time, you could find a lot more. And also there were shells of interest; I just have so many of most of them that I don’t pick them up now.

On the way from the beach there were large clouds gathering at the east end of the island. Made me think there could be more rain coming, but there wasn’t any this evening.

A big jelly...



it's been a while since i saw jelly fish - i dont think we have any at our beaches, but i remember them where i grew up in new zealand

Snowbird said...

I really got a giggle out of your comment about someone sneezing and the power going out. How true! Ours never went out at all yesterday. We live, what---4 or 5 blocks apart? Weird electricity on this island.

I've never stopped at Access 5. Guess I'll have to stop and check out the vegetation. I did go up to 6 yesterday afternoon for awhile but not many new shells there. Oh well.

Mare said...

That walkway is just lovely. =)

Oh, and the clouds were beautiful!