Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Rain and More Rain!

It was cloudy all day again with showers off and on. I shouldn't complain about it, because it has been nice, slow rain. (In fact, it's still raining at 9:30 PM.) The cooler temperature is very nice, but today it was very humid. Everything is so pretty and green here, that it's hard to imagine that it is fall in other parts of the world.

Around 5:00 this evening, I decided to take a chance on going to the beach. But the closer I got, the more it rained. I thought, what the heck; I've got an umbrella and my friends need photos and video! Besides, there could be shells out there! :-)

I went to Gulfside City Park Beach, 2001 Algiers Lane, located off CasaYbel Rd and is about mid-island. It is city owned and maintained. There is a total of 27.5 acres, with a bike trail through part of it. The parking area is near the beach and has 43 parking spaces. The charge to park is $2.00 an hour. It is handicapped accessible. There are also bike racks, a drinking fountain, outside showers, restrooms. Picnic tables are arranged in a well groomed park like setting. The city has planted new trees and I noticed the palms are really looking great. There will soon be more shade there. This park is a little more difficult to find, but that usually makes it less crowded.

(You may also hear this park called Algiers Park, as it used to be named that. There is an interesting story about the history of how it got that name. But, it's a little long and it can wait until another day.)

When I got there it was still raining, so I got out the trusty umbrella, put my phone in one pocket and the small video cam in another pocket. (Oh, when you live here, you quickly learn to wear shorts with plenty of pockets!) There were only two other vehicles parked there. Woo~Hoo! So, off I went.

I saw a lady bent over picking through shells as I walked out. She had on a hooded rain poncho. Just a couple minutes after I started walking, I looked back and she was gone. ?? There were a couple people walking in front of Ocean's Reach Condos, which is the only place that is really close to this park. Two young guys ran past me at one point, and a girl was running toward me, but turned around and went back the other way again. OK, I had the beach to myself, I could deal with that!

I had a bit of a problem holding the umbrella and the cameras at the same time, but I got some pictures and video with out too much of the umbrella in the way. :-)

There were some shells, but not many that I wanted. I did pick up a pocket full; remember what I said about those pockets. You can never get too many! :-) I left the beach a little damp, but happy!

There were some shell piles that had been dug through. Maybe the early bird got the prizes! :-)

Mmm Hmm, that's an operculum alright. :-)

Tink, this one's for you. Just goes to show you; every day can't be a good day. So, I tossed 'em back!

An Egret having it's dinner in the rain.

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