Friday, October 24, 2008

Rain Won't Go Away Friday

It rained off and on all night last night, today, and it's still raining lightly. There wasn't going to be a sunset to see this evening, but we did check the beach conditions around Pointe Santo.

It stopped raining for a while, which made a good opportunity to walk on the beach until it started raining again. I saw other people in both directions, who were bent over looking for shells. I just had the feeling that they were doing their last search because they would be leaving in the morning. Saturday is when most of the condo rentals end and begin here. Another reason I thought that is because none of them were smiling.

The wind was coming from the Southeast again. The waves were bigger than yesterday. There was mainly small broken pieces of shells coming in while I was there. But, maybe the disturbance from farther away will bring shells from the deeper water, into this area. Anyway, I think there's hope.

Some of my friends who are here visiting now, have had very good shelling luck. They have quite an assortment of shells piling up, including 3 large Junonias. I think you'll be seeing their photos in the local paper soon. :-)


Anonymous said...

How lovely. I've never actually heard of your island before. I'm guessing from the palm trees though that it's not in Scotland ;)

Thanks for your comment on Glasgow DP - hope to see you again!

the teach said...

Your island is so beautiful! And you're so lucky to be retired there! Thanks for commenting at my photo blog! :)

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

It does look like quite a blustery day. Love the big wave action! Just wish we were still there so I could seek out some more shells!! I am still in the process of finding more containers for all we brought home. But my fav so far is a beautiful crystal bowl filled to the rim with conches!!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Three JUNONIAS!!?? I am SOOOOO jealous! We actually ended up BUYING one....and I'm not usually one to purchase my shells!!