Friday, October 3, 2008

Mid-Day On The Beach

I was over at Pointe Santo this morning, the beach looked so inviting, so I had to go for a walk. There was a nice breeze, the water was calm and the temperature was only just passing the 80 mark.

There seemed to be a few more people around today. A few older couples and several families who had school age children with them. I guess it was mostly Florida people who are getting in a long weekend. In the whole parking lot there were only two out of state cars.

Just after I started, I looked around and thought there didn't seem to be many shells that interested me. A wave came up just then and I looked down, a big nutmeg had rolled up at my feet. Woo~Hoo, I like nutmegs.

I walked east for a while, a little way past CasaYbel and then back to Pointe Santo. When I got back to the spot where I had found the nutmeg, I looked down and there laid another one, just a little smaller than the first. :-)

I walked west to the Tarpon Bay access and then turned around to go back. By going just a few feet out into the water, and spending some time looking, I think there were plenty of shells to be found, I just didn't want to work at it today.

From there, I drove to Lighthouse Beach. There were plenty of cars in that parking lot. As I walked out onto the beach, I could see bright colored beach umbrellas lined up in both directions. Wave runners were going back and forth across the waves. A boat was anchored just a little way out in the water, as it's passengers were walking in toward the beach, through the shallow water.

I walked along the water's edge for a while, but didn't see anything I wanted to keep. So, that was enough searching for now. Maybe I'll go back out later this evening.

The brown things lying next to the water are mangrove pods.


Snowbird said...

I was actually on the beach twice today. We got called out to rescue a bird near Mile Marker 3. Then I went down to the Fulgar St. beach and did some searching. It was really low tide during the rescue with the sandbar exposed. Unfortunately by the time I got back the tide was coming in. But I still did some shelling and got a few Olives and a bunch of tiny shells. Still lots of fun.

MedaM said...

Thanks for this wonderful walk along the beach again.
It is depressive, cloudy and rainy day over here. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

gpc said...

When a shell rolls right in front of me like that, I feel like it is truly a gift from the ocean. So far I've never dug for shells, everything I have was freely provided ... but that is likely to change since I've seen some of the wonders people find with a little effort! :)

Linda said...

Hi there! Wanted to stop by and say thank you for stopping by my blog the other day - sorry it took me so long!

Love all of your beach pictures; southern beaches look so much different than the ones here in the north!

The Tile Lady said...

A lovely day--sorry you found so little.

SandyCarlson said...

That's a gorgeous beach. And so many shells to enjoy. Beautiufl.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Greetings from AZ! I stumbled (quite delightedly, I might add!) onto your blog yesterday. We will be arriving in Sanibel on Saturday and I am just so excited that I needed a little "fix" now. I have truly enjoyed surfing your recent & archived posts. I can't wait to have sand in my shoes again and find some new shells for the collections! Maybe we will cross paths on the beach!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Me again! My mistake on the date we are arriving!! We arrive the 11th, leave the 18th..... Pretty sure I put the wrong date in the comment I left you!! Only 4 days until we fly!!!! Yahooooooo!