Monday, October 6, 2008

Grocery Shopping Monday

This evening there was loud thunder for over an hour, with the sun shining. When it was time to leave for some grocery shopping, it began to sprinkle rain, but the sun continued to shine. Seemed like a perfect time to do shopping if it's going to rain anyway. I felt sure there would be beautiful clouds to look at on the way. I was right! It started raining more just as we left the island.

Made a run to Burger King for the fast food craving; after that was taken care of, went on to Publix. (You never want to go there when you're hungry. I've done that before.)

Clouds over lighthouse area.

View between lighthouse and Ft Myers Beach.

Looking toward Ft Myers Beach

Looking over San Carlos Bay to Sanibel Harbour Resort near the east end of the causeway. This resort is not on Sanibel.

The clouds were spectacular all the way.

The drive back across the causeway was beautiful again. Going over, the clouds had been white and dark blue, now the sun was setting and the red glow was changing the colors rapidly. The first thing I noticed was a rainbow over the Punta Rassa area. I just kept looking from one side of the causeway to the other and snapping pictures. Wow, I had a lot of them to sort through because I could only put a few on the blog. It was hard deciding which ones to use. I hope you enjoy seeing the cloud photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

This is a look back at Sanibel Harbour Resort again.

The sun going down over Sanibel.

Rainbow over Punta Rassa.

Sunset over Sanibel, looking across San Carlos bay.

View over the east end of Sanibel.

Looking back toward east end of Sanibel.

This video is also the sunset over Sanibel taken from the Causeway Spoil island #2 looking over San Carlos Bay and Pine Island Sound.


The Farmer Files said...

Hubs was checking out your photos over my shoulder as I read your post. We both loved your sunset pics and video. Maybe one day I will make it to FL! I never visited, even when we lived on the East Coast. Sigh.

Snowbird said...

Great pictures. And yes, the thunder was LOUD. We got about 3 drops of rain over here.


great skies - so much thunder; we haven't had any yet, although we do get them

gpc said...

Beautiful -- I love moody weather!