Friday, September 19, 2008

Windy Friday

It was sooo nice here this evening! The wind was blowing, the water was choppy, but it felt less humid and cooler. The waves were gentle and the water looked a little more reddish brown color again. According to reports from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, red tide was detected in water samples from the southeastern coast of Sanibel. I'm usually a pretty good detector because the minute I get near it, I start coughing and my eyes burn. I didn't notice anything on the causeway island or on a southeast beach. YEAH!!

Went to a causeway island to watch the sunset, along with a lot of other people! There were vehicles parked everywhere.

The clouds looked very pretty from the sun's glow and there was just a quick peek at the red sun as it disappeared behind the skyline of the island. (All of the sunset photos look much better enlarged.)

Drove over to the Fulgar Street beach access after that. There were a lot of people walking and also sitting out in loungers. The white powdery sand looked almost like drifting snow, from the wind. There were about three lines where the tide had left a few shells and debris. The first time I stopped to look down, I saw the end of a paper fig sticking out from under some seaweed. I reached down to pick it up and was surprised to see it wasn't broken. I don't know how all the people had walked past it and no one had stepped on it. I guess it was waiting for me! That was the only treasure that I took with me.

This was one of those evenings that you are never ready to leave the beach.

This picture is blurry, but the only one I took with a view down the beach. If you don't enlarge it, it isn't too bad and you get an idea of how things looked.


antigoni said...

I have visited sanibel island and all the things you say about it are true. It's very beautiful and peaceful place. I love your photos.

Snowbird said...

Hey, we went walking at Nerita Street. Just a block apart. Hopefully we will meet one of these days. And yes, it was WINDY. I found a couple of goodies but Mr. Snowbird isn't into shelling so I couldn't just stop and look. And we love to go out to the Causeway with a bottle of adult beverage and just sit and watch the sun go down. Doesn't get a whole lot better than that!