Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Evening Shell Hunt

The wind has blown in some less humid and cooler evenings; a perfect time for walking on the beach. At access 7, there weren't many people around, just a few in front of The Blue Dolphin cottages, a couple walking their dogs, and a famous beach couple. :-)

All of you that spend lots of time on the West Gulf Beach know Ms Dottie and her husband who have a house there on the beach. I had the pleasure of walking and visiting with Dottie for a while. She and her husband both are doing well. She said the shelling on the sandbars after the big waves that Ike brought, was very good. In fact she found another Junonia. I told her to be watching for a couple of you who would be here on the beach next week. She said she will be watching for you and is anxious to see you again. :-)

The water color looked ok this evening and there were shells. There was one area that had a shell pile and there had been some left at the tide lines too. I picked up a small pocket full and will put on a picture after they are cleaned.

Somehow video was lost trying to upload. Sorry, will do better tomorrow. :-0

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antigoni said...

I collect shells myself. I have many glass jars full of them. And i teach my kids to collect shells, as well.