Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday's Pleasant Evening

I haven't really heard, but the humidity must have gotten much lower this evening. It seemed cooler and there was a very nice breeze at the beach. Started walking at access 1, walking east. Listening to the gentle lap of the waves was very relaxing. I saw very few people on the beach in this area, and only passed by two of them.

There were some shells still left up higher on the beach, plus a new assortment at the last high tide line. Many of the shells were broken, but there were also a lot of good shells. I gradually filled both of my pockets and then had my hands full, which is an example of why you should never go to the beach without a shell bag. :-)

The sunset was very pretty, even though it was hidden by clouds. I think those are really the prettiest of all.

I quickly took a couple pictures of the shells picked up this evening. I found one tiny little starfish that had dried all curled up, so I soaked it in water and I'm getting it straightened out. There were 3 sea urchins that had already dried and were nice and smooth. The largest amount of shells are for crafting and the other ones will be saved for something. :-) A fair amount of shells for a short walk.


Tink *~*~* said...

Looky all those build-me-up buttercups - wheeeeeeee! :p

Tink *~*~*

Anonymous said...

I know my kids and I will definitely go wild picking seashells from there!! :)

gpc said...

Nice walk, nice shells. Love it.

MariBy said...

Oh Tootie...that little video was so serene.

The pics are great too - love the one of the shells in your hand. :D

Biene said...

Very nice and interesting photos!

I am speechless - so many and wonderful shells!!!

Greetings from germany (I don´t know where your Island is),


fishing guy said...

Tootie: What a great find, that will really add to your shell collection. Very nice post with all you found.

me ann my camera said...

What a wonderful beach that must be to go shell collecting in! Fabulous pictures!