Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Evening on West Gulf

It has been a beautiful day here on Sanibel Island. The island itself seems to be on vacation from tourists. There are hardly any cars on the streets or in parking lots. It has to be hard for the businesses to survive through the slower months. Several of them are taking advantage of this slow time by doing some remodeling and needed repairs. Bailey's Hardware is one place that is closed for remodeling now. The Tween Waters' Crow's Nest on Captiva, was just reopened after remodeling their dinning room. I've seen it and it looks very nice. The style of it matches the bar area that was remodeled last year. Pointe Santo has been getting re-piping done, and Compass Point is rebuilding their balconies.

This evening there was a nice tropical breeze blowing over the water. Walking out on the beach at access 7, a short while before sunset, it was very quiet and peaceful.

There were not many people on the beach; a few sitting in lounge chairs, another small group farther west with a little boy splashing and walking in the water and a larger group east, in front of Mitchell's. A couple passed as they walked their three dogs. Each of us was watching the sunset and it was spectacular, once again. The moon was already up high and waiting to take over.

The sea gulls and Terns were flying about and diving into the water, now and then. A couple of baby ones, were so cute as they flitted around and dove into the water like little darts.

The small waves were lapping onto the shore, pulling shells in and then pulling some back out again. It's such a relaxing sound, listening to the water splash and the shells tinkling as they roll onto the sand. It was so quiet, that it made me wonder if this was the calm before the storm. Hopefully Ike will head over to the middle of the Gulf and disapear before it reaches land again.

I left the beach with a handful of shells and totally relaxed. Life is good.

Sorry, this video is a little wobbly in the beginning. :-)But, I hope you can listen to the waves and hear the shells jingle; as you lean back and imagine yourself sitting at the edge of the water in your lounger.

Relax as you watch the sunset....


Snowbird said...

You're right. Life is good. And I love the fact that there is so little traffic. We'll enjoy it while we can because it won't be long before we can't turn left on Periwinkle Way without a 10 minute wait!

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered your wonderful blog! We went to Sanibel for the first time near the end of July and stayed at Pointe Santo. My family went out shelling daily...but my middle daughter was the one who ended up getting up at the crack of dawn with me and making beachcombing a priority! I'm so happy we will have great memories of Sanibel and is so much fun to "cyber shell" your pics! I know it takes time and effort to do that. I hope you know how much we enjoy your blog!

gpc said...

Sorry, Snow, I'll be part of the glut of tourists in December! I like it better other times of the year, too, but don't seem to have as much vacation time lately. :(

Tootie, I am your captive audience every time. Thank goodness for Sanibel.