Sunday, September 14, 2008

Slacker Sunday

This has been a lazy day for several Sanibel Slackers. A friend from Ft Myers picked up another friend at the airport and transported her to Sanibel. We all met at the Sanibel Café, where the slacking began. We had lunch while chatting with 3 more friends. The lunch was great! I had the chicken salad on a croissant (yummy)! One person had breakfast, which is always good, another had salad topped with grouper (she said excellent), someone else had the grouper sandwich and her comment was the same. I know that next time, I’m getting grouper too! It was a big serving that was longer than the plate. I’m not sure anyone could eat it all. They carried half of their grouper out in a box. :-) After lots of visitation, we decided to move on.

(Forgot about pictures until we had already messed up our plates of food. :-()

The traveling friend had to go check in with other people; the rest of us went to the West Wind Inn Pool Bar located on West Gulf Dr. I have always thought it was a very charming place, but never had the opportunity to stay there. There is also a restaurant there called the Normandie Seaside Café. The pool is fairly large and the water sparkling clean. It looked very inviting.

We walked out on the beach to check out the shell situation. There weren’t any coming in and only a very few left at the bank where the rough water had taken sand away. The water color is MUCH better!!

After venturing back past the pool and up to the pool bar, we sat there for around 3 hours soaking up a little sun and a lot of shade. How’s that for ‘Slackers’? It was pretty hot today, with a breeze, but not enough to keep me cool. It was supposed to be under 90, but feel like 95, I think that was pretty close. I was on melt down!

After I cool down and rest up from all that activity, I will try to finish the last bucket of shells to show you.

Have a great week!

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Snowbird said...

Everybody deserves a Slacker Sunday. Sounds like you had a great time. BTW, we have eaten breakfast at the Normandie Restaurant. Very good. It is a little restaurant and they cater to the Westwind guests first but I guess "outsiders" can eat dinner there too if they have room.