Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Early AM at Lighthouse Beach

Gustav had the gulf water all stirred up, causing an extremely high tide. We had seen what the morning tide had done on the West Gulf beach and I have already posted about that.

That night the high surf advisory was still in effect and after wondering what was happening after the tide came in again, the only way to find out was to go look. No parking is allowed at any of the beach accesses at that time of night, except Lighthouse Beach; in the wee hours of the morning, went there to check it out. The road was closed to the fishing pier, so after parking in the other lot, walked out toward the beach.

Right away you could tell the tide had been way up again. There was sand washed up around four or five feet on the boardwalks, and pretty deep. The whole beach looked like it had at least a foot or more of new,coarse sand spread all over it. When walking on it, there were places that felt like you might sink into it and packed solid in others. The water and sand had gone way up into the dunes. There were hardly any shells on the beach and it looked like the whole area had been vacuumed clean of the seaweed and what ever had been there. It was really surprising, how much different it looked.

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