Monday, September 22, 2008

Mixed Up Monday

The day started out hot and sunny, in the upper 80's. Went to Pointe Santo on West Gulf to check on some condos this afternoon. After being there for about an hour, it started pouring rain and got very windy. The rain lasted for a little over half an hour, but the wind kept blowing. Around 5:15 the sun was shining once more. It's like the clouds just spread out around the island and left.

You can tell the wind was blowing kind of hard by looking at the palms.

Around 7:15 from the causeway, you could see clouds over Ft Myers Beach, Ft Myers and Cape Coral. The rain was coming down in some places. Gradually those clouds moved toward Sanibel. There were so many layers of clouds and some were light, some dark. There wasn't a view of the sunset because there were too many low clouds in the west, but the other clouds changed from one color to another. It was quite a windy sky show! The photos are in the same order as I took them. Today the water at the causeway shores was reddish brown and not very pretty to look at.

(Looking East from parking area on south side of causeway. All were taken from the same vantage point.)

(Looking South)

(Looking S West)

(Looking N East)

(Looking North)

(Looking N East)

(South) Started raining again.

(South West)

(Coming back onto Sanibel)

As of 10:00 PM it has still been raining off and on.

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