Thursday, September 11, 2008

High Tide 12:30 AM Thursday

Took a little jaunt over to the Lighthouse Beach to see how high the surf was. The road that goes around to the lighthouse was closed. The surf was coming about 6'up on the boardwalks, leaving sand behind. The sand was just a few inches under the lower part of the white handrails. The waves were really high and the wind was strong, leaving a mist of salt water in the air.

Went out on the causeway to the islands, the surf was up high, but not close to the road at that time. If you are familiar with the island closest to Sanibel, the pictures were taken on the south side, where the water was coming up past the sign. The pictures are not good, but that's the best I could do. Oh, no shells either place that I could see except by the causeway island there were thick chunks of Quahog clam shells.

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Snowbird said...

Do you ever sleep?? LOL. Thanks for the pics. Can't wait for the shells to start rolling in.