Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Tuesday In Paradise

It was another beautiful day in 'Paradise'. Later this evening around 5:00 it seemed more like fall weather. The temperature dropped a little to around 78 and it was windy. There were some huge fluffy clouds hanging overhead, but they were being followed by darker clouds. You could tell that it was raining over around Ft Myers. It has not rained in this area yet, so I am assuming those clouds passed us by. I was at Pointe Santo again and took pictures there and a little video. There were birds lined up in either direction as far as I could see. Not too many people were on the beach, making it very peaceful listening to the waves and the birds. There really weren't many shells at that time, making it more fun to just look around (instead of down) :-).

Do you see the hidden Mickey?

All of you that have been to Sanibel, know what this pile of shells is. (Someone's discards from the day they were leaving.) After you sort through the shells you've picked up, there are always some that don't get to make the trip. Folks usually go to the place where they go out to the beach and dump them in a pile. They may end up as someone elses treasures. :-)

There's a place at Pointe Santo to clean sand from your shells before you take them inside. But the neatest thing is the shell guide. You can look to find the name of your treasures.

Next stop was at Sanibel Grill for dinner. On the way out, there were some pretty clouds, pink from the setting sun.

The bigger white fluffy clouds were now pink too. Very pretty!


Snowbird said...

I love Pointe Santo. I always thought the grounds were so beautiful. Yup, found the Hidden Mickey.

Tootie said...

There is a big cloud with a heart shape out of it in the video too!!

antigoni said...

Beautiful pictures as always.

MedaM said...

Great post! I like those palm trees on your photos and those white and fluffy clouds are so impressive. I saw so many interesting shapes in them especially while looking at your video record. I was impressed when I saw clouds that mach low down. It seems to me you could touch them if only you reached out your hand. I literally enjoyed again the sound of waves and birds. And that shell collection is really beautiful and interesting! Thanks for sharing all this with us.

gpc said...

Beautiful, as always. Sigh.