Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Afternoon Walk On The Beach

These photos are for all my friends who are wondering if huge amounts of shells were washing up on the beach today. They were taken during a long walk this afternoon.

It was a beautiful sunny day here in paradise. The sky was blue and the white fluffy clouds were beautiful. The wind was blowing pretty hard, drifting the sand; similar to snow.

Walking out beach access seven, you could hear the waves pretty loud, so I was expecting to see either plenty of shells or see that they were all covered with sand. It didn't appear to be either. As you can see from one of the photos, there was only one strip, about 15' in length, where any shells were coming in and they were very small and many broken. One other area of about the same length, had broken pieces of shells so small that it was almost sand. There was a ledge where the beach was eroding from the wave action, in some places; but not everywhere.

You can see the brown sargassum that I mentioned in a previous post. It was several inches deep in places, but I didn't notice any bad odor from it. It doesn't have the slimy feel of the red drift algae. This has a dry, scratchy feel to it.

There were several turtle nests in that area, still not hatched. Some of them are pretty near the water.

Almost all of the beach homes had shutters still covering their windows. The whole area looked nearly deserted. I only saw four people on the beach where I was. There had obviously been more because they each left one flip flop on the beach or they had lost their sole to the sea. :-) You'll see what I mean when you look below. OH.....I saw another turtle too, and also a fish out of water!:-)Even though I didn't pick up one shell, it was still a nice afternoon on the beach.

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You don't ever have to go anywhere for a vacation, you are already there. wow