Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Drive and Beach Walk

Before I post anything more; I want to thank all the visitors who have dropped by, for your kind comments and emails. I have tried to answer your questions as best I can.

I started this blog for a few friends and acquaintances, who are very familiar with the island, because they wanted to know the real and ordinary, day to day happenings. The other interest is quite surprising to me. It's amazing how the internet makes it possible for people from all over the world to connect.

Since some of you are not familiar with Sanibel Island or this area, I'll try to be a little more descriptive from now on, but keep in mind, I'm no expert and haven't been living here that long myself. There are many informative sites associated with
Sanibel Island, Captiva and Ft Myers, Florida that you might find very interesting. I will try to give you links for more information also, if you would like to read more. Thanks again!

Tuesday Drive

The first order of business today was a trip off the island, to Cape Coral, which the largest city in Southwest Florida. The view from the causeway was beautiful, as we left the island. The fluffiest of white clouds were floating overhead. I could see some of them, over Ft Myers Beach, and they looked really low. There appeared to be some strong currents in the water and you could see how the currents met each other, making a line of white bubbles. You can see the white lines in the pictures. It almost looked like trails in the water from boats passing by, but it wasn't. Later today, I told another lady about seeing that and she and her husband had been crossing the causeway, saw the same thing and had also found it to be interesting.

We had a nice view as we crossed over the Caloosahatchee River, going and coming from Cape Coral. Then, through downtown Fort Myers to McGregor Boulevard, past the Edison and Ford Estates, on the way back . It's really a pretty area. There are palm trees lining both sides of the street and also in the center in a few places. These palm trees are the reason Fort Myers is nicknamed "The City of Palms." There is also a collection of unusual trees scattered along this street, that can be seen in several locations.

That was a nice drive, but as always, it was good to come back to Paradise.

Walk on the Beach

Just before 5:00 this evening, we went to West Gulf Resident Access #2. It was pretty hot out and no breeze at all, so the idea was just to walk out on the beach, check to see if shelling was any good and if not, leave.

As soon as you stepped out from the trees around the access path, there was a nice breeze blowing; what a relief! :-)

A look each way, a turn left and we're off!

We had no more than started, when the whole mood of the evening was changed. Lying on the sand, about 4 feet from the water's edge and right in front of me, was a baby loggerhead turtle. At first glance, I thought it was alive and I got an excited feeling, until I got closer and realized it wasn't moving. I leaned down close to look at it and then I could tell it was dead. The poor little guy didn't appear to be hurt in any way, he just must not have been strong enough to make it. It is unlawful to touch or disturb nesting sea turtles, hatchlings, or their nests. Even though we volunteer for SCCF to help monitor loggerhead sea turtle nesting, we didn't want to disturb it. We weren't sure if it would need to be kept for necropsy or simply buried. But we did know that it should be reported. So, we called our Permittees,who are specially trained volunteers with the sea turtle program. They came straight to the beach within 10 minutes. Since the SCCF offices were closed this late in the evening, the baby turtle was buried. They will check to find out if perhaps a nest had hatched near there and the turtle just didn't make it and was washed back into shore and the death will be recorded.

After walking just a little further, watching huge amounts of coquinas digging back into the sand after each incoming wave and seeing the birds trying to capture them for dinner, we decided it was time to leave.

On the way back to the access, I paused to take a picture of a big chunk of driftwood. I know, I'm probably the only person who finds beauty in a wet chunk of wood. :-)

After one more look toward the sun, we went back to the access path.

On the way, I passed a hole someone had dug and placed shells, and other things in and around it. Not sure what it was supposed to be. But I did notice things there that we hadn't seen on the beach. So, it made me wonder if perhaps there may have been better shelling at other times today. It does happen, just like the saying, 'The Early Bird Gets The Worm'! Sometimes it takes getting out very early before too many people are on the beach, or going at different times during the day. And most helpful in finding good shells is to go often and stay long. :-)

We've also been noticing new plantings of different grasses, trees, etc. along the beach accesses. It looks very nice, even though the plants are small now.

Here are a couple more surprises for you....just click on each one of the graphics to view.

One last picture for my buddies. Tell me what road this is on.
{The one yesterday was on Tarpon Bay Road going north, just a short way before Lilly & Co and Bailey's.)



my friend told me all abut the causeway to sanibel island - fantastic finds on the beach, i loved the photos. i must bring my daughter out to sanibel island one day so she can collect shells - she'll have a field day!

gpc said...

I really treasure my few minutes a day looking at and listening to the island through your blog - thank you. San-cap on the way back from Blind Pass? If I can't recognize the roads anymore, I guess it's time to get back there! (big sigh)

ChrisC and JonJ said...

I like driftwood,too.
I say Middle Gulf Drive.

Snowbird said...

Thanks for the sounds and sights of home. Can't wait to get back. Just a few more days now.

Ooooo, I know exactly which road. It is Middle Gulf right in front of Pointe Santo. The building is the water plant or sewage plant or water control building or something. LOL

Tootie said...

I knew you would get that one! :-)

gpc said...

And more proof that I have been away tooooooooo long!

BNS said...

I really love going along with you on these virtual beach walks, Tootie.


Tink *~*~* said...

Poor baby turtle! That just made me feel like crying.

Tink *~*~*
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