Thursday, August 28, 2008



Had to go off island this afternoon and stopped at Sam Seltzer’s for early dinner. I had been seeing ads in the paper and coupons now and then, which made me curious. A couple of friends had been there and said the food was good. I loved the atmosphere; my 7 oz filet mignon was tender, but nothing special. The rest of the food was average in MOP. It took what seemed like forever, to get the food. Just can’t compare that to Timbers on Sanibel.

On the way back I snapped a couple of photos that might show you people who haven’t been here for a while, a couple of new things happening. They are making good progress on Summerlin, replacing the old wooden electric poles with concrete ones. Now, those sure look hurricane proof. There is also construction going on beside our nearest Publix, and just behind the gas station, at Sanibel Beach Place.

Beach Walk

There were dark clouds over the Ft Myers Beach area, with lots of thunder and some lightning; decided to take a chance and go to the beach anyway.

Went to access #1, hurried out to see what might be there. There were some shells coming in, but not much of interest. Walked for a while and picked up 3 small orange scallops, one pretty pink striped one and one buttercup. Hardly any shells had been left at the high tide line.

During this time the thunder had been rolling continuously and streaks of lightning pretty often. The sky looked beautiful with an assortment of clear blue, partly cloudy, huge fluffy clouds, and ominous looking dark ones. And last but not least, the sunset. Right after that it was time to go because mosquitoes were moving in fast and the clouds were getting closer. (By the way, we never got any rain here.)

Not many shells coming into this area, but the grapefruit were. :-)

There's the little pink scallop I picked up.

I guess it wasn't a good day to be a crab. :-( We saw four of them.

When I saw this little turtle I let out a gasp; oh no! It was also dead, but bigger than the baby loggerhead we found the other evening. This one is a land turtle. Now how and why did this one float up in the surf? Hmmm, maybe some child found it up in the dunes and thought it was a sea turtle and tossed him in? Guess we'll never know the answer to that one. Hmmm

These dogs were out in the back yard when we walked back through the access. They barked and chased us beside the fence until we past by. I'm sure glad they couldn't get out!

Here's another dollars worth!


gpc said...

I love the sound of the surf - I should put your videos on a loop and play them at night. That sound soothes me like nothing else!

Ruth said...

Funny grapefruit! And then the grapefruit color in the sky with clouds, how beautiful.

Thank you for your visit at synch-ro-ni-zing! The story of that little bluebird is quite amazing:

Norm said...

wow! what a fabulous and glamorous photos, very wonderful..I love the beach so much..awesome place!!!!!

Bradley Myers said...

For me you are living the dream, retired and in Florida. My wife and son would have been shoving those shells into a bag about now, LOL.