Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Evening On The Beach

The beach fun this evening all began with a phone call from, friend Tink. She had come over to the island from Ft Myers, and had already been to Lighthouse Beach and Algiers Beach. (Another person told me that they shelled between Algiers and Sundial and had pretty good luck finding lots of cones,olives and paper figs. They also saw a large sea turtle dead on the beach. It had been marked by SCCF, so had already been reported.)

We joined her around 6:00 PM and went to Resident Access #4. A quick hello to the Toucans again, as we walked out to the beach. Things looked pretty much the same, except there were more people around, probably due to a three day weekend coming; and less shells than a couple of nights ago.

The tide was low again with sand bar exposed and water trapped in between. We could see where the shell pile had been before. You remember, the place I left the shells lay after taking the picture. Yes, the one with the cones in it! Ok, well most of that was now gone. It looked like the water had washed many of the shells away and sand had covered some. So digging in that area might uncover something.

We went from access 4 to access 7 and there were scattered shells on the beach, but not what I would call good shelling. I did look down at one point, saw what looked like a sharks eye shell buried in the sand. I had to dig it out to see if it was any good, and it was! A nice big, perfect one! Woo~Hoo! I also picked up a few scallops. I had a bag with me that I put some small ark shells in for a friend. (You know who you are!)The water color seemed a little darker again today.

It was a nice evening. Even though it was a little on the hot side, the wind made it comfortable. The sun put on quite a show as it went down behind the clouds.

Even without many shells in my pocket, I was happy with what I did have. There was an assortment of shells there to look through and we didn't work at it very hard, so someone else could have found more, I'm sure.

A little Yorkie got trapped out on the sandbar and his people had to go get him. They kept trying to coax him to swim over, but that didn't work.

My pocket shells. :-)

I put the videos here, but the wind noise is pretty annoying.


gpc said...

Love it. No matter how stressed I am, I watch your videos and my heart rate slows, my breathing gets even, and my feet tingle with the memory of how the water feel this time of year. Ahhhh. Nice shark eye!

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Did ya pick yp that yard-art whelk?
Ark shells!!!! w00t!!!!