Friday, May 16, 2008

Work In Progress

I've just been getting used to this Blog thing, wanted to share the turtle walks with you. So, this part about my lazy life, will be a work in progress, as I find time. Thanks for stopping by.


Snowbird said...

Hey Tootie, I can't wait to hear about your lazy life. Tell me all about life on Sanibel. I miss it!!!

Janice said...

Tootie, I am so excited about your Sanibel Blog that I am starting at the beginning (last May) and plan to read ALL your posts! I love it and daydream about Sanibel every day!

I am going to send your Blog to my husband too. He loves Sanibel too; I introduced him to my Beloved Island in 1983.

Is that you dipping your toes in the sand/ocean on your main blog page? Love that picture; thats exactly how I spend my time there, just wandering and marveling in the wonders of Sanibel.

Janice from GA